The Seminar Room is found in Room 308 on the 2nd floor of the Science Faculty.

This facility is designed for small, interactive groups. Two tables with available seating for up to 12 are located in the centre of the room, enabling mixed sessions involving individual hands-on computer use, round-table discussions, or presentations. Total room capacity is 22, depending on intended use.


The Seminar Room is open to students as a quiet study room when it is not booked. To determine availability, check the booking calendar posted next to the door and be prepared to leave 10 minutes prior to any scheduled event. We ask that the following rules be observed:

  • Beverages are allowed in covered cups.
  • Food is to be eaten in the Commons Café or elsewhere but not at Seminar Library
  • Cell phones are conditionally permitted in the Seminar Room.
  • Group study is allowed
  • Gaming is not allowed.