Publication in the University of Chittagong

All the faculties publish a research journal of the common title The Chittagong University Studies (now renamed Chittagong University Journal) distinguished by the name of the individual faculty suffixed to it. Chittagong University Journal of Arts, Chittagong University Journal of Social Science, Chittagong University Journal of Business and Chittagong University Journal of Law come out once or twice a year.

Each of the six internal faculties of the university brings out separate research journal annually which publishes standard research or creative articles based on favourable recommendations of at least two experts for each paper nominated by the editorial board of the concerned journal. There is a publication cell consisting of senior faculty members which can recommend the publication of standard textbooks or higher degree research dissertations. The university allocates fund to the Research Centre, Nazrul Research Centre and Bureau of Business Research to initiate small research projects to be done by the teachers. Over the years, the faculty members of this university have earned reputation by publishing a lot of research papers in the national and international journals. Some of them have also completed a large number of research monographs in their respective branches of knowledge and possess, to their credit, invaluable experiences of working as national experts.

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