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Name Description Status
Physics Pocket Diary It contained quick summary for all the chapters in class 11/12 Download
Moment of Inertia Formula sheet It contained the Moment of Inertia formula for all basic structures Download
Maths Short Notes-1 Download
Maths Short Notes-2 Download
Vector Algebra Short Notes Download
Complex Algebra Short Notes Download
Fourier Series Revision notes Download
scalar and vector fields Full explaination Download
Complex analysics -I Revision notes Download
Complex analysics -II Revision notes Download
vector differentiation Revision notes Download

This section contains free e-books and guides on Physics, some of the resources in this section can be viewed online and some of them can be downloadable.

** Introductory Physics Books


Introductory Physics Notes
Physics Lessons, Tutorials and Help
Physics Notes Boston University
A New Kind of Physics
Physics Hypertextbook
Physics Online Tutorials
1 D Kinematics
Newton’s Laws
Vectors Motion and Forces in Two Dimensions
Momentum and Its Conservation
Elements for Physics
Newtonian Physics
The Modern Revolution in Physics
Conceptual Physics
Learn Physics Today
Work, Energy, and Power
Circular Motion and Planetary Motion
Laws of Physics A Primer
Elementary Physics II
Physics [Tower, Smith, Turton, Cope PDF 508p]
Essential Physics Part1[PDF 210p]
Elements for physics [PDF 280]
Inverse Problem Theory[PDF 358p]
Motion Mountain Free Physics Text Book
Order of Magnitude Physics Material
Gravitational Waves
Consciousness, Physics, and the Holographic Paradigm
Conceptual Physics [PDF]
Discover Physics
Essential Physics Part1[PDF 210p]
Lectures in Physics
The Age of Einstein [ PDF 78p]
Introduction to Vectors and Tensors, Volume 2
Newtonian Physics [Benjamin Crowell]
Mapping of Probabilities Theory for the Interpretation of Uncertain Physical Measurements [PDF 305p]
General Physics Course Notes
A Radically Modern Approach to Introductory Physics (Volume1)
A Radically Modern Approach to Introductory Physics (Volume 2)
Introduction to Vectors and Tensors, Volume 1

** Atomic Physics Books

Lectures on Atomic Physics [PDF 262p]
Atomic Physics Notes
Atomic Physics [P. Ewart PDF 68p]
Lecture Notes Many Body Problems Nuclear Physics [PDF 42p]
Atomic and Laser Physics
Modern Experiments in Atomic Physics, SS07 Content
Slides from Nuclear Physics and Radiation Detectors Option Course
Lecture Notes on Physics of the Environment [Georgy I. Burde PDF 37p]


** Mathematical Physics Books

Mathematical Physics Lecture Notes
Partial Differential Equations of Mathematical Physics [PDF 105p]
Ordinary Differential Equations and Dynamical Systems
Calculus Based Physics
Introduction to Groups, Invariants and Particles [PDF 162p]
Differential Geometry and Physics
Calculus Based Physics VolumeI [PDF 1.7 Mb]
Physical Applications of Geometric Algebra
Quick Introduction to Tensor analysis [PDF 47]
Algebraic Quantum Field Theory [PDF 202p]
Basic Bundle Theory and K Cohomology Invariants [PDF 356p]
Introduction to Methods of Applied Mathematics [PDF 9.73 MB]
Geometry in Physics (PDF 79P)
Mathematics for Physics (PDF 459P)
Lecture notes for Mathematical Methods
Lecture notes for Engineering Mathematics
Topology and Geometry for Physics
Mathematical Tools for Physics [PDF 459p]
Intuitive Notes on Mathematical Physics
Five Lectures on Soliton Equations [PDF 42]
Holomorphic Methods in Mathematical Physics [PDF 59p]
Homological Methods in Equations of Mathematical Physics[PDF 150p]
An Introduction to Noncommutative Geometry [PDF 18p]
Lectures on Orientifolds and Duality [PDF 64p]
Differential Geometry (and Relativity)
Mathematical Tools for Physics [PDF 591p]
Mathematical Tools for Physics (PDF 448)


** **    **Computational Physics Books

Computational Physics An introductory course
Lecture notes in computational physics, molecular dynamics[PS]
Computational Physics [PDF 36p]
Computational Physics Lecture Notes
Corso di Introduzione al Calcolo Numerico
Course Notes on Computational Physics
Computational Physics [PDF 48p]
Introduction to Computational Physics Course Notes
Fortran 90/95 and Computational Physics [PDF 30p]
An Introduction to Computational Physics
Computational Physics Class Notes
Physics Computational Physics Lecture Notes
What Every Computer Scientist Should Know About Floating Point Arithmetic
Notes on numerical integration of functions
Computational Physics(2nd edition) by Nicholas J. Giordano, Benjamin Cummings
Scientific Computing An Introductory Survey
Introduction to Computational Physics
Computational Physics I Fall 2008
Introduction to Computational Physics
Introduction to Computational Physics [Mirror]
Lecture notes on Statistical Mechanics
Computational Physics Lecture Notes and Problems
Lecture notes for Mathematical Methods

** Nuclear Physics Books

Nuclear Physics Lecture Notes (online reference)
Fission and Fusion(pdf notes)
Particles Classification(pdf notes)
Particles Quarks(pdf notes)
The Standard Model(pdf notes)
Nuclear Physics (online notes)
Nuclear and Particle Physics [PDF 78p]
Many Body Problems Nuclear Physics Lecture Notes
Nuclear Physics Notes
Reactor PhysicsBasic Definitions and Perspectives[PDF 31p]
Reactor PhysicsThe Diffusion of Neutrons[PDF 29p]
Process Modeling(PDF 12p)
Reactor Physics The One Group Reactor Model [PDF 18p]
Chain Reactions [PDF 13p]
U. of Boston Radioactivity Lecture notes
Eastern Illinois Nuclear Physics Lecture notes
U. of Winnipeg Nuclear Physics Lecture notes
Introductory Nuclear Atomic Physics (PDF 10p)
Nuclear Physics and Radiation Detectors (Notes PDF 21p)
Introduction to Applied Nuclear Physics
Introduction to Nuclear and Particle Physics
Nuclear Reactor Theory (PDF 115P)


** Electricity & Magnetism Books

Electricity and Magnetism
Electromagnetic Fields Course Notes
Electromagnetic Field Theory (PDF 223p)
Static Electricity
Current Electricity
Electricity and Magnetism textbook [B.Crowell]
Classical Electromagnetism An intermediate level course
Classical Electromagnetism A Graduate Course
Electromagnetism and Optics An introductory course
Random walks and electric networks [PDF 118p]
The Standard Model of Electroweak Interactions [PDF 91p]
Electricity and Magnetism 1 (Matter and Interactions) [PDF 113p]
Electricity and Magnetism 2(Matter and Interactions) [PDF 151p]
Electricity and Magnetism 3(Matter and Interactions) [PDF 118p]
Electricity and Magnetism course note
Lecture schedule and course notes on Electricity and Magnetism
Maxwells Equations and Electromagnetic Waves
Electricity and Magnetism [J B Tatum]
Electromagnetic Theory and Computation A Topological Approach [PDF 288p]
Electricity and magnetism An Introduction to Maxwell’s equations
Electromagnetism Brian Dolan (PDF 71P)
Electromagnetic Theory (PDF 139P)
Physics Lecture Notes Electricity and Magnetism
Electromagnetism II
Advanced Electromagnetic TheoryAdvanced Electromagnetism

** Solid State Physics Books

Solid State Physics
Solid state Physics[PDF 78p]
Solid State Physics Lectures[PDF 10p]
Solid State Physics Lecture[PDF 21p
Principles of Semiconductor Devices
Solid State Physics Problems and Solutions
Introduction to Modern Solid State Physics (Yuri M. Galperin)
Quick and Dirty Preview of Solid State Physics
Lecture notes for Solid State Physics [PDF 40p]
Solid State Physics and Materials Science
Solid State Physics (PDF 86p)
Introduction to electronic structure calculations
Introduction to Solid state Physics
Solid State Physics Lecture Handouts
Solid State Physics Lecture notes
Solid State Physics Lecture (PDF 122P)
Solid State Physics Lecture Notes (PDF 281P)
Physics for Solid State Applications
Lecture Notes on Solid State Physics
Lecture notes on Applications of Solid State Physics II
Lecture notes on Applications of Solid State Physics III
Lecture notes on Applications of Solid State Physics IV
Lecture notes on Applications of Solid State Physics
Physics of Semiconductors and Nanostructures
Physics of Crystals
Lecture topics and lecture notes for Solid State Physics
Solid State Physics Lecture Notes by Michael Hermele
Introduction to Solid State Physics Lecture Notes
Solid State Physics Optical Properties
A Course in Solid State Physics
Solid State Electronics
A Course in Solid State Physics
Advanced Solid State Physics
Physics for Solid State Applications
Lecture Notes on Solid State Physics
Solid State Physics and General Relativity
A (Far Too) Brief Review of Solid State Physics
Chapter 3 Solid State Physics
Solid State Physics Lecture Material
What is Solid State Physics



** Quantum Mechanics Books

Quantum Mechanics Basics
Quantum Mechanics for Engineers (PDF 1623P)
Quantum Mechanics Lectures I
Lecture Notes on Quantum Mechanics
Mathematical Methods in Quantum Mechanics [PDF 1.8M]
Lecture Notes on Quantum Mechanics
Classical Electromagnetism A Graduate Course
Quantum Mechanics A graduate level course
Quantum Mechanics Lecture Notes
Frank Porter’s Quantum Mechanics P
Notes on Quantum Mechanics [PDF 397p]
Quantum Mechanics I [Peter S. Riseborough PDF 354p]
Quantum Mechanics [PDF 172p]
Quantum Computing Since Democritus
Quantum Mechanics, Spectroscopy, and Statistical Mechanics Lecture Notes
Quantum aspects of light and matter [PDF 34p]
Schrdinger’s master equation of quantum mechanics [PDF 12p]
Time dependence in quantum mechanics [PDF 10p]
Lecture Notes on Hilbert Spaces and Quantum Mechanics[PDF 64p]
Quantum Mechanics Notes
Lecture Notes on Quantum Mechanics [PDF 25p]
Quantum Mechanics online notes
Quantum Mechanics Online Lecture Notes
Quantum mechanics, advanced course Scattering theory
PHY3601Quantum Mechanics
PC5201 Advanced Quantum Mechanics
Introduction to quantum mechanics [PDF]
Advanced Quantum Mechanics [Peter S. Riseborough PDF 346p]
Mathematics of Quantum Mechanics on Thin Structures
Quantum Mechanics [Richard Fitzpatrick PDF 267p]
Common Misconceptions Regarding Quantum Mechanics
Lecture notes for Quantum Mechanics I [PDF 41p]
Lecture notes for Quantum Mechanics II [PDF 42p]
Quantum Mechanics [PS]
The Physics of Quantum Mechanics
Notes on Quantum Mechanics
Summary of quantum mechanics ideas [PDF]
The classical limit of quantum mechanics [PDF]
Forging mathematical tools for quantum mechanics [PDF]
Introduction to Quantum Mechanics
Quantum Mechanics for Engineers [PDF]
Quantum Mechanics Lecture Notes [PDF 374p]
Quantum Mechanics and Spectroscopy[PDF 363p]
Quantum Simulations of Complex Many Body SystemsFrom Theory to Algorithms
Quantum mechanics applied to semiconductor devices
Lecture notes for Quantum mechanics
Quantum Mechanics II
Relativistic Quantum Mechanics (PDF 116)
Bohmian Mechanics A Trajectory Picture of Quantum Mechanics[PDF 30p]
The Path Integral approach to Quantum Mechanics Lecture Notes for Quantum Mechanics IV [PDF 106p]
Lecture notes on Quantum Mechanics pdf files
Lecture Notes in Quantum Mechanics

** Superconductivity Books

High Tc Superconductors Electronic structure
Microscopic Theory of Superconductivity
High Tc Superconductors Electronic structure
Lecture Notes on SuperconductivityCondensed Matter and QCD [PDF 122p]
Superconductivity [ PDF 60P]
Applied Superconductivity Lecture notes [ PDF 35p]
Basic JosephsonJunctions Lecture Notes [PDF 17p]
Classical Model of a Superconductor Lecture notes [PDF 23p]
Superconducting Digital Circuits [PDF 17p]
Tutorial on Superfluidity and Superconductivity [PDF 28p]
Superconductivity Notes [PDF 23p]
Super current Equation [PDF p19]
Type II Superconductors [PDF 23p]
Superconductivity Basics
Superconducting Magnets
A Teacher’s Guide to Superconductivity for High School Students
Superconductivity notes
Superconductivity note [PDF 48p]

Strongly Correlated Electronic Materials


** Optics Books

Optical Physics and Quantum Electronics
Lectures on nonlinear optics
Reflection and the Ray Model of Light
Refraction and the Ray Model of Light
Geometric Optics
Intensity in interference and diffraction [PDF]
Photonic Crystals Molding the Flow of Light[PDF 13mb]
Lasers Invention To Application [John R. Whinnery, Jesse H. Ausubel]
Handbook of Optical Through the Air Communications [David A. Johnson]
The Fiber Optic Data Communications for the premises environment
Photoelectric Properties and Applications of Low Mobility Semiconductors
OPTICS P. Ewart [PDF 64p]
Understanding Optical Communications [PDF 638p]
A Spectroscopy Companion [PDF 244p]
Optics textbook [B.Crowell]
Photonic Crystals Molding the Flow of Light [PDF 13Mb]
Photophysics of Conjugated Polymers and Fullerenes
Optics pdf
Notes for Modern and nonlinear Optics (PDF 181P)


































Name Description Status
Quantum Non-Locality and Relativity: Metaphysical Intimations of Modern Physics, 3rd Edition
The Book has been carefully updated to reflect significant developments, including a new chapter covering important recent work in the foundations of physics.
University Physics with Modern Physics, 1st Edition
University Physics is intended for use in the calculus-based introductory physics sequence at universities and colleges. It can be used in either a two-semester introductory sequence or a three-semester sequence. The course is intended for students majoring in the biological sciences, the physical sciences, mathematics, and engineering. Download
Physical Science, 9 edition
The sequence of chapters in Physical Science is flexible, and the instructor can determine topic sequence and depth of coverage as needed. The materials are also designed to support a conceptual approach, or a combined conceptual and problem-solving approach. Download
Nuclear Physics: Exploring the Heart of Matter
This book explains the research objectives, which include the desire not only to better understand the nature of matter interacting at the nuclear level, but also to describe the state of the universe that existed at the big bang. The report explains how the universe can now be studied in the most advanced colliding-beam accelerators, where strong forces are the dominant interactions, as well as the nature of neutrinos. Download
Advanced Quantum Mechanics
Advanced Quantum Mechanics, the second volume on quantum mechanics by Franz Schwabl, discusses nonrelativistic multi-particle systems, relativistic wave equations and relativistic fields. Download
An Introduction to Computational Physics, 2nd edition
This advanced textbook provides an introduction to the basic methods of computational physics, and an overview of recent progress in several areas of scientific computing. Tao Pang presents many step-by-step examples, including program listings in JavaTM, of practical numerical methods from modern physics and related areas. Now including many more exercises, the volume can be used as a textbook for either undergraduate or first-year graduate courses on computational physics or scientific computation. It will also be a useful reference for anyone involved in computational research. Download
Physics Beyond the Standard Models of Particles, Cosmology and Astrophysics
This book contains the proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on Physics Beyond the Standard Models of Particle Physics, Cosmology and Astrophysics. It presents a brilliant overview of the status and future potential and trends in experimental and theoretical particle physics, cosmology and astrophysics, in the complimentary sectors of accelerator, non-accelerator and space physics. Download
Schaum’s Outline of Quantum Mechanics
All the essentials of this basic course are covered clearly and concisely, cutting study time and making important points memorable. DownloadPass:books_for_all
Schaum’s Easy Outline: College Physics
What could be better than the bestselling Schaum’s Outline series? For students looking for a quick nuts-and-bolts overview, it would have to be Schaum’s Easy Outline series. Every book in this series is a pared-down, simplified, and tightly focused version of its predecessor. DownloadPass:books_for_all
Introduction to Electrodynamics (3rd Edition)
This is a textbook on electricity and magnetism, designed for an undergraduate course at the junior or senior level. It can be covered comfortably in two semesters, maybe even with room to spare for special topics (AC circuits, numerical methods, plasma physics, transmission lines, antenna theory, etc.) Download
Physics Laboratory Experiments, 7th edition
This market-leading manual for the first-year physics laboratory course offers a wide range of class-tested experiments designed specifically for use in small to mid-size lab programs. Download
The Atmosphere: An Introduction to Meteorology
Reinforcing basic concepts with everyday, easy-to-grasp examples, this highly regarded volume remains the standard introduction to meteorology and the atmosphere C components, problems, and applications. The Eleventh Edition retains hallmark Tarbuck/Lutgens features: a friendly, largely non-technical narrative, timely coverage of recent atmospheric events, and carefully crafted artwork by leading science illustrator Dennis Tasa. Download
Introduction to VLSI Circuits and Systems
Presents modern CMOS logic circuits, fabrication, and layout in a cohesive manner that links the material together with the system-level considerations.
* Chapter on Verilog HDL allows for rapid start-up.
* Illustrates the top-down design procedure used in modern VLSI chip design with an emphasis on variations in the HDL, logic, circuits and layout.
Introduction to Solid State Physics
Since the publication of the first edition over 50 years ago, Introduction to Solid State Physics has been the standard solid state physics text for physics students. The author’s goal from the beginning has been to write a book that is accessible to undergraduates and consistently teachable. The emphasis in the book has always been on physics rather than formal mathematics. Download
Electronic Circuits – Fundamentals & Applications, Third Edition
Electronic Circuits is a unique combination of a comprehensive reference text and a practical electronics handbook in one volume.Mike Tooley provides all the essential information required to get to grips with the fundamentals of electronics, detailing the underpinning knowledge necessary to appreciate the operation of a wide range of electronic circuits, including amplifiers, logic circuits, power supplies and oscillators. The third edition now offers an even more extensive range of topics, with extended coverage of practical areas such as circuit construction and fault finding, and new topics including circuit simulation, electronic CAD and a brand new chapter devoted to the PIC microcontroller. Download
Introduction to Nuclear and Particle Physics
This book is a good vehicle for learning the more intuitive rather than formal aspects of the subject. It is therefore of value to scientists with a minimal background in quantum mechanics, but is sufficiently substantive to have been recommended for graduate students interested in the fields covered in the text. Download
How Things Work: The Physics of Everyday Life
How Things Work uses familiar objects to introduce basic physics concepts, demonstrating the excitement and relevance to professionals in a variety of technical fields. Because its structure is defined by real-life examples, this book explores concepts as they’re needed and then revisits them later on when they reappear in other objects. Download
Introductory Computational Physics
Computers are one of the most important tools available to physicists, whether for calculating and displaying results, simulating experiments, or solving complex systems of equations. Introducing students to computational physics, this textbook reveals how to use computers to solve mathematical problems in physics and teaches students about choosing different numerical approaches. It also introduces students to many of the programs and packages available. The book relies solely on free software: the operating system chosen is Linux, which comes with an excellent C++ compiler, and the graphical interface is the ROOT package available for free from CERN. Download


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