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Details on Library:

Library is a prime requisite for successful implementation of academic programmes of the University. The Chittagong University Library functions in order to fulfill the aims and objectives of its parent bodyuniversity.

The functioning of the Chittagong University Library was launched in the month of November, 1966. It started with a limited staff and only 300 volumes of books in the stock. It was housed in a temporary building covering a floor area of 200 sft.

Central Library of University of Chittagong

At the end of 1973, the library was shifted temporarily to present administrative building. In 1990 the library was shifted to its own building which is the largest and magnificent library building in Bangladesh. It is a two storied building with mezonine floor and total floor area of the library is 56,700 sft. It is situated in the central point of the University Campus having been surrounded by halls of residence and different faculty buildings.

Library Committee:

Library is managed by the Library Committee consisting of 14 members including Deans of all faculties headed by Pro-Vice-Chancellor as its Chairman. Librarian is the Member-Secretary of the committee. The committee frames policies and provides necessary instructions for smooth functioning of the library from time to time.

The arrangement of functional Units of the library:

1) Ground Floor: Administrative section, office of the Librarian, Acquisition section, Processing section, Binding section, circulation (Lending) section, Arts reading room, Auditorium & daily newspaper reading room and security section.

2) 1st Floor: Science reading room, Business Administration, Law and Social Science reading room, Manuscripts and rare books section, Reprography section Computer lab and Internet Room.

3) Mezzanine Floor: Reference section, Journals/Periodicals section and Research Rooms.

General Rules of the library:

1) Books, Periodicals or other materials shall not be taken out from the library premises without proper permission.

2) Readers should handle the books and Bound Volumes etc. with care. None can keep the volumes open on the label, or insert note books or pencils in between the pages and closing them. Pages must not be folded to serve as book marks.

3) Defects found in the books and other materials taken out for use or for borrowing should be brought immediately to the notice of the staff on duty.

4) Readers should not interfere with the comfort of other readers, make noise, cause damage to the library property or disfigure or mark with ink or pencil a book, Periodical; CD ROM or any other library material in any way.

5) Users should avoid resting their feet on tables, chairs, shelves, windows sills etc.

6) Smoking in the library premises is strictly prohibited.

7) Books, Bags, Cases, food or drink should not be taken into the library.

8) Necessary Gate Pass must be shown for the documents which are being taken out of the library to the staff at the check point.

9) Books, reading materials, bags etc. must be deposited at the check point and a token must be taken and must be returned at the time of departure.

10) Persons present in the library at any time must identify themselves to the library staff when requested to do so.

11) No broad sheets, handbills, Newspapers, advertisements, or other materials (other than approved official notices of the library or of C.U. be distributed or displayed within the library.

12) Mobile, Pagers and other electronic or automatic alarm devices should be switched off while being taken into the library.

13) Do not move books/theses/Journals from their specific location to another area.

14) Replacement of the documents on shelves is not allowed, the library staff will do the necessary replacement.

15) Please contact the reference and circulation staff for any requirements.

The Library Collection:

The library collection consists of over 3,50,000 volumes of books and about 415 current periodicals subscription (both foreign and local) of different Faculties, Centers and Institutes. The collection is increasing every year.

1) The main collection: Consisting of books and monographs are housed in the ground floor and 1st floor arranged according to the Dewey Decimal Classification number, so that documents of the same or related subjects are together.

2) The Journals collection consists of current Journals arranged alphabetically by title kept in the Mezonine floor and over 40,000 bound volumes of journals which are arranged by Dewey Decimal Classification number on the shelves in the same floor. These can only be used within the library. There is also provision for 12 rooms for individual study and research for M.Phil & Ph.D. students.

3) The reference collection: It consists mainly of encyclopaedias, dictionaries, hand books, manuals, Publisher’s catalogue, Books in print, Government publications, World Bank, IMF, UNESCO, ILO, UNICEF, BBS, University publications, World Almanac, Maps, Globe, Publication of United Nations and NGOs etc. are housed in the mezzanine floor. These can only be used within the library. The reference staffs assist in locating information and provide necessary instructions in the use of the reference materials and sources. There is also provision for 12 rooms for individual study and research for faculty members, M. Phil and Ph. D. students.

4) C.U. publications and theses, such as research reports, dissertations, projects reports, reports, reprints, University Journals/studies are kept in the rare section.

5) Rare Collection: It consists of various old manuscripts written in Bengali, Sanskrit, Arabic, Persian, Urdu of about 600, which were written during the period 1872 to 1953. There are some manuscripts and other documents written on vuljapatra, Palm leaves, Tulat Paper etc. Some widely circulated daily newspapers (from 1968) kept in Bound volumes. Some Intellectuals and phillanthropists namely: Munshi Abdul Karim Sahitya Bisharad, Professor (Dr.) Abdul Karim, Professor (Dr.) Abdul Gafur, Ibne Golam Nabi, Babu Kemesh Chandra. Raskhit, Dr. Rashid-AI-Faruqui, Professor (Dr.) Bhuiyan Iqbal donated their valuable personal collections. There are many old and rare books in Bengali, Persian, Urdu & Arabic in the Rare section.

6) Other resource: Includes CD ROMs, floppies are kept in the 1st floor.

Information for external users:

1) All external users are required to have letters of introduction from their respective organizations/Institutes and need special permission from the authority/librarian.

2) External Users can use the library but they can not borrow any library materials.


Book loan:

1) The normal loan period is two months for teachers.

2) The maximum number of books that can be borrowed are mentioned below:

15 books for teacher for two months.

05 books for officers for one month.

05 books for M. Phil and Ph.D. researcher for two months.

01 book for staff for one month.

Students can not borrow books and other reading materials.

3) The following materials can not be borrowed:

a) Reference books

b) Journals:-bound or single issue.

c) CD ROMs

d) Floppies

e) Theses and dissertations

f) Rare books

Fines for Overdues: Fines are charged for books or other reading materials not returned in due time at the rate of Tk. 1.00 (one) per day for one book. Concerned borrower will be billed replacement cost for documents lost as per rules of the University.

Inter-library Loan: Books that are available at libraries in Bangladesh can be borrowed through inter-library loan depending on the, policy of the lending libraries.

Information services:

1) Current Awareness Service: Current awareness service is provided new arrival list of books and Journals are circulated to different Faculties, Centers and Institutes.

2) Document Delivery Service: Faculty members, Postgraduate students and researcher of C.U. can make request for the documents not available at C.U. library, If available these documents may be collected from outside.

3) Photocopy Service: Photocopy of complete books is not allowed. Users are responsible complying with the copyright Act. Photocopy charge is @ Tk. 0.50 per impression on cash payment.

4) CD ROM Search Service: Facilities for browsing and searching of CD ROM for books, Journals, encyclopaedia, etc. using micro computers are available. Members of the faculty are eligible for using CD ROMs on request.


1) Reading Facilities: The reading rooms of the library are dedicated for individual study. Multiple copies of different text books are available in the counter. The students can issue books on production of library card in the counter and use these within the library and are not eligible for check out. About 350 students can use these facilities at a time.

2) Internet Facilities: Internet search facilities are available in the library. Two lines are dedicated for this purpose. The faculty members of the Universities are eligible for I getting this service. This has been specially organised to support the Research activities.

3) Computerization: The library has an automation Programme, and its implementation is going on. Retrospective catalogue conversion is on. The automation will be applied to all processing including acquisition, processing, circulation and online I journal subscription.

For further information please contact.

Telephone: 031-726311-14, 031-716552, 031-716558 Ext. 4256

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Central Library of University of Chittagong