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The Department of Physics strives to be at the forefront in every field where new physics can be found. By constantly pushing the limits, we have a chance to observe new general principles and to test theories of the structure and behavior of matter and energy.

We invite you to join us on this journey with your financial support. Please consider a gift or donation to the Department of Physics. As important as outright gifts are to the Department, deferred gifts and other tax planning approaches can often make a more substantial gift possible. Gifts in any amount to the Physics Department unrestricted fund provide the discretionary funds necessary to start new experiments and new science.

Attracting the best graduate students to work with our faculty continues to be our highest priority. With your help, we will continue to understand the deepest aspects of nature, perhaps even the origins of space, time and matter.

To make a gift or donation or for more information on making a gift, please contact:

S. M. Ahsanul Karim Shimul
B.Sc.(Hons.),MS. In Physics (CU)
Computer Engineer
Department of Physics
University of Chittagong
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Phone : +8801813-220893 , +8801719-058268